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So recap for this week (before heading to land of rising sun)

Mee rebus satay station. Its delicious yet pricey
Satay station, Never disappointed expect for the price, which skyrocket
Nasi lemak anyone? Asilah here come to satisfy your craving
WHy la this picture terbalik. Its chicken chop
This one chicken grill
Alio olio, still craving till now
And a bit of bits of burger, while waiting for mom 😀


After NFP hosting fuck up my VPS, didnt honor my refund and destroy my backup, I need to load my website back, with 1 year gap on backup. And gumot whaat website is currently down because of sql error, which I need to troubleshoot, when I free :p.

Moving on, this is Kay lobster and steak foodie picture. Enjoy. Shoot with Lumix