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It’s officially iPad user. I own the iPad 2 back in 2011-2016 and gave to my cousin, due to underutilized. But for somehow I saw that I need to use back iPad for e-book purpose. I own the android tablet,but I gave to my dad and he interested since it capable to makes call. So my dad topup a bit and I topup to purchase the iPad mini 4 wifi. Its 32GB version and I got only for MYR1399 instead of 1699. The 32GB version is no longer available and only 128GB is available, which quite big.

RIght now, I only use the clear casing with tempered glass screen protector. I would to keep minimize with the appearance and will order the sleeve from Case Logic

Its TS-108-BLACK color. It just nice as it can fit my iPad and some cable and my Yes mifi since there is no cellular,hehe


I cant imagine that I spill a water directly to my UPS. As a result, the fault indicator in lights out. I try my luck to RMA it. The SC at first say that the item only covered for 2 years, but after I shows the website and such, he agree it send in for RMA.

I just brought a new UPS by the way as RMA process could take a long as six week. So I pick Right power, a China Malaysia company UPS. Cost around RM 119 for 800 VA. Pretty deal breaker. Im not investing an APC brand, which cost RM 160 for only 650VA? yeah I probably pokai by now. I also brought a new/ second unit of Masterplug brand extension cord  which pretty basic usage. But I like the build, solid and build in 6 gang power outlet, which it great.
The UPS. 3 years warranty on part and labor and 2 year for battery. Not bad

I like the built quality and the white color. Cost around RM 55



HeyWeek 4 and my fyp progress still on 0.3 percent. Well I had to reinstall the VM due to changes of physical PC. Before this I deploy on the non Virtualization pc and now I deploy on modern, capable virtualization consist of Intel Core i5 4670 non-K pair with H87 chipset and 8gb ram. Also with 1TB hdd with 128 SSD, maybe with caching solution.

Why extend my PS4 warranty? yep, because of RM1 deal, I invest a bit by extending the original warranty. Cost less than MYR 70 so why not 😀

Also I upgrade  purchase a new external hard disk as WD has serve me since 2014 ( actually since 2012, as I RMA for two times). New brand, bigger capacity and match color with my lappy 😀


Been gone for 2 weeks as my 1st brother passed away due to dengue fever. I still can’t believe although it happen on last 2 weeks but yeah, no matter what, I had to accept it. Its destiny.
Thank you along for wonderful memories in 24 years (‘=

Life must go on. I need to continue my FYP and continue life normally xD



Finally finished my final examination for semester 5 (after two days btw). Not so easy but not so hard paper although I completely screw up on last paper due to last paper syndrome xD. Oh yeah, I just change to a new laptop, specifically HP Pavilion 15-au103tx with 7th gen i5 7200u, nvidia 940mx with 4+4(free) ddr4. I swap the internal hdd (1tb) with my previous ssd as I can’t work without it 😀
Consider nice look, back light keyboard and full hd display. the only thing I dislike is internal battery, still stuck with 2.4ghz, no VGA port and annoy touchpad. But hey, it dont bother me much. With 2 year warranty (and 1 year for battery,the heck) its consider good deal and I really liked it =D