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Sum up the week

Mcdonals now introduce the new topping for the Ice cream. But only limited outlet available. This at Aeon Taman Maluri

New Dunkin Donut at Quill City mall. Can have a breakfast over here. Their coffee also not bad lah haha

Also syukur. Thank to Lazada and Maxis for another RM 1 deal. New Jabra bluethooth speaker. The sound produce really impress me and my jealous friends
and family haha

And yeah, My previous Corsair H80 CPU cooler suffer pump problem and making my CPU temperature rise and shine, de heck..

At first I send a support ticket to Corsair and indicate that problem, should I send for warranty or just reset the pump. But the support staff said that this is not a pump problem but a fan problem. So they send a fan replacement (consist of 2 new fan) to me. Since I feel like, theee heck corsair, send fan and problemo solve? And I just send back to the retailer I purchase.
Luckily they accept the RMA although some of the part were missing. (come on, 4 years dude)

And tadaa, I got the new revision of H80 (namely H80i V2) and extra fan, thanks to the no soo supportive support staff of corsair.
Now my CPU temperature went normal and I can watch my little pony without hassle hahahah


Oh I sorry for lacking of post

Here you are, a cute twilight

And a sleepy head cat

So sum of the story, since I ‘physically’ own the ps4, I need to hunt some of the game and also a dualshock controller. Well Now I know this hobby is more expensive than DSLR



Belongs to my bro

Meanwhile at neighbour food. yums Ice chocolate

Gooding churros


Its result day, and guess what, NAILED IT. Alhamdullilah I pass with high flying colour. Suppose the result expected to release tomorrow but somehow the senate meeting early or the academic guy cant handle question from student ” when result will be release? ” “are you guys keep our result till death?”

Yes, still have two more semester before graduate and I still waiting for my RAE result, which I not sure whether I can pass or not.


Not so productive Ramadhan so far. I only manage to root my phone and re-format my lappy to Windows 10. Well perhaps it’s good enough. Also today is room cleaning day, will finally make my foggy windows nice and clean again.
The provisional results already out but I dont want to talk about it now.

I also manage to order one of the best home air purifiers from Gemfive. The original price is somewhat RM 550 and Gemfive offer is RM 280, of course when discount voucher is used. Cant beat Lazada price worth RM 360

20160614_230544 (Large)
The starbucks promotion. Reload/purchase RM50 and get a new design card for free with promotion voucher together. I grab it since my previous card already torn out.

20160614_230804 (Large)
This is how I place my newly brought soundbar. Looking good so far and I should buy earlier than before.