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Finally, after dreaming for more than a year, I brought a new mattress from Ikea. It’s pocket spring mattress, which is good especially for those has backbone pain or just wanna fluffiness of their mattress xD .HÖVÅG model, a pocket spring series, which quite a price, cost at MYR 699. Weight around 18 KG and sooo fluffy. Cant wait to sleep tonight 😀


Finally my sleeve arrived.

Its  sleeve from Case Logic model TS-108-BLACK.

Purchase around MYR 62 but manage to get MYR 44 after discount via 11street.

It basically a universal 7-8 inch sleeve that can fit most of the tablet range from ipad to android tablet such as nexus 7

There’s only one logo here. So people wont recognize the sleeve brand unfortunately.

There are two zip. Mainly for primary compartment for tablet and second zip for second compartment for small item.

What I like about this sleeve is padded in primary compartment, making it secure in event of you accidentally drop your tablet on the ground or purposely dropped it haha.

Yep, this is how you can fit most of the ipad on the sleeve. Since my ipad doesn’t have any cellular, I bring my 4g mifi anywhere and the second compartment is really useful

More info here



It’s officially iPad user. I own the iPad 2 back in 2011-2016 and gave to my cousin, due to underutilized. But for somehow I saw that I need to use back iPad for e-book purpose. I own the android tablet,but I gave to my dad and he interested since it capable to makes call. So my dad topup a bit and I topup to purchase the iPad mini 4 wifi. Its 32GB version and I got only for MYR1399 instead of 1699. The 32GB version is no longer available and only 128GB is available, which quite big.

RIght now, I only use the clear casing with tempered glass screen protector. I would to keep minimize with the appearance and will order the sleeve from Case Logic

Its TS-108-BLACK color. It just nice as it can fit my iPad and some cable and my Yes mifi since there is no cellular,hehe


I cant imagine that I spill a water directly to my UPS. As a result, the fault indicator in lights out. I try my luck to RMA it. The SC at first say that the item only covered for 2 years, but after I shows the website and such, he agree it send in for RMA.

I just brought a new UPS by the way as RMA process could take a long as six week. So I pick Right power, a China Malaysia company UPS. Cost around RM 119 for 800 VA. Pretty deal breaker. Im not investing an APC brand, which cost RM 160 for only 650VA? yeah I probably pokai by now. I also brought a new/ second unit of Masterplug brand extension cord  which pretty basic usage. But I like the build, solid and build in 6 gang power outlet, which it great.
The UPS. 3 years warranty on part and labor and 2 year for battery. Not bad

I like the built quality and the white color. Cost around RM 55