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I cant imagine that I spill a water directly to my UPS. As a result, the fault indicator in lights out. I try my luck to RMA it. The SC at first say that the item only covered for 2 years, but after I shows the website and such, he agree it send in for RMA.

I just brought a new UPS by the way as RMA process could take a long as six week. So I pick Right power, a China Malaysia company UPS. Cost around RM 119 for 800 VA. Pretty deal breaker. Im not investing an APC brand, which cost RM 160 for only 650VA? yeah I probably pokai by now. I also brought a new/ second unit of Masterplug brand extension cord  which pretty basic usage. But I like the build, solid and build in 6 gang power outlet, which it great.
The UPS. 3 years warranty on part and labor and 2 year for battery. Not bad

I like the built quality and the white color. Cost around RM 55



HeyWeek 4 and my fyp progress still on 0.3 percent. Well I had to reinstall the VM due to changes of physical PC. Before this I deploy on the non Virtualization pc and now I deploy on modern, capable virtualization consist of Intel Core i5 4670 non-K pair with H87 chipset and 8gb ram. Also with 1TB hdd with 128 SSD, maybe with caching solution.

Why extend my PS4 warranty? yep, because of RM1 deal, I invest a bit by extending the original warranty. Cost less than MYR 70 so why not 😀

Also I upgrade  purchase a new external hard disk as WD has serve me since 2014 ( actually since 2012, as I RMA for two times). New brand, bigger capacity and match color with my lappy 😀


Summarize of Lazada RM1

Bags from Universal traveler 20 inch
Irova vacuum cleaner

And the most favorite item, the new powerbank from Aukey with freebies 😀


Another shopping at Lazada.

I utilize last minute Merdeka deal and voucher  to purchase and restock my ink supply. Retail price for total ink up to RM 200. I manage to hunt combo and single pack ink less than retail which cost around RM 140. And with voucher applied, I finally pay for RM 108.40 for all ink

Photo 02-09-2016, 12 34 41 PM
The ink send by Lazada merchant. Overall the black packaging are most secure packing ever

Photo 02-09-2016, 1 09 20 PM
Total ink purchase = 4

Photo 02-09-2016, 6 07 22 PM
Current ink stock at house. I rarely purchase ink on retail store due to price

Photo 02-09-2016, 6 07 37 PM
And last parcel from China. Its is replacement wire for my casing. My power button is no longer work and I need to order a replacement button and plug in on my casing. So now My power button is externally wired


I’m back. Well at least this is the best mid semester holiday ever.
So have you guys remember Lazada RM1 deal patnership with maxis? Well with bit of luck and determination, I manaage to secure PS4 at RM1. yessss ONE RINGGIT

The original advertising

Photo 01-09-2016, 10 10 54 AM
The Original packaging. I had to selfcollect to Skynet branch since I was so excited and skynet as usual deliver product slower than you think

Photo 01-09-2016, 10 12 37 AM
Tadaa, the box itself

Photo 02-09-2016, 7 15 20 PM
The tax invoice itself. Shows that discount amount and total pay

Photo 01-09-2016, 10 30 07 AM
PS4 in action.

Right now I dont have any games as I need to hunt some at shop or maybe purchase through psn or lazada or second hand hehe