Monthly Archives: January 2009


taid nie dpt pegang jwatan ajk pengawas form 4 dan pengerusi kelab komputer..
agaknya kaki kipas cikgu kot?
maybe..just maybe..
*fiqin..aku x berniat nk ambik jwtn ko..seriusly…
so jgn lah salah anggap nyerk?


be4 that….

haha… good bye AMD…a warm welcome Intel…
even its quite old..but it is kinda engineer sample.
So any kind of shop dont sell it…

Got crock..haha long time wanted it..

okok back to the date…

last school make a school season on
sunday.. to replace CNY onward….
so u know,right..who gonna come to school on saturday? including me…
so today…when my account class teacher say
“kmu kenapa x dtg ari sabtu?” “parent ader hal” ” owh..”

and the conversation when talk with my Language teacher
“kmu gi maner tk dtg ari sabtu tu?” “krisis ekonomi cikgu”
“huh? ape dier?” ” owh x de paper..ari ni ader meeting kn?”

pretending to change topic
haha..usually we all going back at 1.40..
but today..
haaa…3.10….kinda sux…got meeting..
but it is very fucking damn meeting.. i hope i would
attend it anymore..hahaha


aaaaaa….otak ku slalu mendapat idea yg bkan2..
i mean akal yg kurang baek..

boleh pulak terlintas nk bkk hidden picture dlm myspace org..
walaupun korang bwat private….
diorang hanya gunakn script s,m,l je…
senang giler nk pecah kn..
setakat nie..dua myspace org sudah menjadi sasaran..

mejoriti pelajar smkpj…sori erk..bkan nk break privasy…
tapi nk uji sbb myspace guna CMS(content management system)
so bnyk lagi error code…
kesian encik tom….


hye, 2 day not blogging.
This year are quite bored, but kinda fun. Haha
2 combination that unexpectnable.
The day after day, im getting older. Haha, what are weird,statement.
Now, im currently listen a song from Neil sadaka, title, you mean everything to me. Wow, what a deep messege at that song. Thx to person name putra ajin coz give inspiration to me. Hee
This song story about a man who very appreatiate(menghargai) their girl. That girl are meanful to that man. The melody, lyrics and singer was such a wondèful combination. I hope i will remember this song rest of my life.


guess what?
my mum n bro wanna celebrate my birthday at mcdonals…
he wanna to make party party..wanna call my my cousin..
ha hah ha…
so i guess…probaly very nice n ok..
and theme will choose…
ermm.. Ben 10 ?

yupp…haha Ben 1000..
this year..
i want my cake have design Ben 10 cartoon..
haha…im totally nosense ..but this is waht i want this year..

(maybe the design like this..haha)