Monthly Archives: March 2009

23 march 2009

my pc still in progress
right now..this is 1st time i configure my
hard disc drive using RAID0
yeah…1.5 GBps confirm…speed will be up to 3 GBps..
wahh..that amazing hdd reading and writing..hee

22 march 2009

the best day ever…
before that..

nurul aqilah(qila, qd) = i love u..ahaha..dont angry amir feriz tan..haha..she only my fls..not more..haha
amir feriz tan = owh.. u say that im ur fb in-law…haha.. i hope so…
faiq ilhan…= kk best tk? btw.. dont ignore me at night..hee

okok.. as i say.. new motherboard come
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R

19 march 2009

its my birthday..
thx for who wish me.. hee
ader pic..tapi mls nk upload..berat sngt pic itu…
antara hadiah yg akan dpt…

1.akaun bank bru from my mum(thx mum..) heee motherboard..that is Asus p5q pro hazriq dh pkai..xnk2..
seb baek ader bakcup plan
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R