Monthly Archives: November 2009


finally i get what i want..haha
it’s nothing but it’s important
oh yeah..i overhaul my pc…cool


copy(or exactly rembat from someone post)

Masa kapel, “i lap u, u lap me”
Lepas break, “i lap udang, u lap meja”

Masa kapel, “i janji xkn tinggalkan u”
Lepas break, “i xbuat perjanjian pun dgn u”

Masa kapel, “i sanggup buat pape utk u”
Lepas break, “i xsanggup hidup dgn u”

Masa kapel, “i sakit kalau u sakit”
Lepas break, “i peduli apa kalau u sakit”

Masa kapel, “i terima u seadanya”
Lepas break, “i nk terima apanya, u xada pape”

Masa kapel, “i xboleh hidup tanpa u”
Lepas break, “i boleh je hidup tanpa u”

Masa kapel, “i suka dgn perangai u”
Lepas break, “i serik dgn perangai u”

Masa kapel, “i rasa u lain dari yang lain”
Lepas break, “i rasa u lain macam”

Masa kapel, makin gaduh makin sayang
Lepas break, makin gaduh makin menyampah

Masa kapel, sayang2 bee baby
Lepas break, bayang2 babi

yeah,,correct 100

p/s:credit for him 🙂


clean up room…its being important nowday..since there have people who
renovate their house recently ..haha

now…a things to be show

DSC_0003 [biasa]
say hello to s straw actually…make you drink milk more delicious

DSC_0004 [biasa]
actual product are like this.. 1 packet contain 5 this..

DSC_0005 [biasa]

those who concern about halal status..yeah..its halal
made by muchis
“i dont but non halal product…take note that..haha”

DSC_0006 [biasa]

1st, all you need is a milk. i don’t know whether other dairy product can be used

DSC_0007 [biasa]

pour a milk..haha i know you can do this,even without parent supervisor

DSC_0008 [biasa]

the straw look like this..yeah

DSC_0009 [biasa]

after that..suck it up..haha..try it..

I brought it at JJ Maluri, which is cost RM 2.99 each(packet)..yeah