Monthly Archives: December 2009

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i love to try new  tings. Since yesterday, i end up my day with reading my camera manual book. hha.
So now, i manage to set my own ISO settings manually.
DSC_0036 [asd]
oh yea…blue screen..hhaha


DSC_0038 [asd]
tadaa…new baby has born. welcome to the world :p


oh wait.. i just watch Pokemon: Rise of Drakia.
a long time epic movie..yeah..i admit. i love pokemon 😀


ok..less that a week , school will be open..back –___-‘

DSC_0035 [asd]

this is Vitamin C, For some reason, I need to take it regularly because had been advised by doctor,heck.
Yeah, I frequently had a fever, do the doc advise me to take me..nice advice doc. 🙂


meet the bantal busuk..haha
DSC_0036 [asd] 

sorry for a bit noise,haha
when smiling getting smile for somethings..haha

Modded Phone

DSC_0037 [asd]

How can Pokemon on My handphone?haha, try play and enjoy,save cost buying new console game :))


DSC_0038 [asd]

The journey oh photographer begin with this book. haha
I also didn’t finished read all info inside. SO still looking so nice fact inside


Merry Christmas.. ho ho ho
I watched Avatar twice…3D and normal 35mn film..
wtf..boring sialll


in the morning, i just helping my friend formatting his sister laptop,
a usually  program..


and formatting in progress



when I arrive at pavi, guess what, we eating 🙂

Hakkan Friend rice at Grandmamas,yumyum

and drop by at Times

psp tu sebok je..haha