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my lit sister got 8A haha
And wishing merry x-mas to all..haha

And yeah, i stop hoping for you. We will be like other said, ‘friend’.
Stop hoping for you, find other,play new games, because the has a secret between that


Avatar 3D are just AWESOME!!!haha
here where are im sitting at GSC
oh yeah, i found Shareez,


check out how the glass are look are


It’s Dolby Digital 3D

and as you can read there, we can’t bring it back home :(..haha

but Im sure that this is will shock you for 1st time if you first time watching 3D


the Avatar movie was great, and can wait for another movie 🙂


quote from fucking people..haha
”ala..setakat pc ko..aku pun ader lah”

oh yeah..actually the quote have nothing to do with this post..haha
let’s check how much pc in my house ;D

DSC_0018 [biasa]

my 2nd bro pc

DSC_0020 [biasa] 
my 1st bro pc


DSC_0021 [biasa]

my own pc :p

DSC_0022 [biasa]

my Home Theatre PC(HTPC)


2 Intel, 2 AMD(E2140,Q8600,3800,5200)
3 Asus, 1 Gigabyte (M2N-SLI, M4N78SE,P5Q-PRO,EP45-UD3R)
3 Nvidia, 1 AMD (9800GT,260GTX,7300GT,HD4670)
Total up ram= 2GB+2GB+4GB+4GB=12Gb RAM
Total Hard Disc Drive=RAID 320GB+160GG+160GB+808.8GB+640GB+80GB+80GB+80GB= 2328.8GB
Total LCD= 2 BenQ+1 Samsung+ 1 Philips


  • D-Link DSL-2640-T
  • HP F4185
  • Streamyx 4Mbps



guess…how much electricity will be cost to run these pc..haha