Monthly Archives: April 2010


oh yess… finally i got back my 4670.. thanks to my bro for give back my fully 100% own gc back^^

now, im mastered a bit about how to use speedlight^^
may the skill gain before I get my second speedlight 🙂


im back to school..and..nothing changed..
just im sitting with difference person starting today.

Thursday is the sleeping day,
wanna know why? have a look 🙂



khairil sleep


syahirah also sleep


sweet couple ^^(jgn mara shida^^)


how sad if our granny had gone 🙁
yeah, my granny passed away on 3rd April 2010, on 9.00am
sadly, i’m not beside her when she exhale the last breath.

for that, im away from 3rd April to 7 april 2010.

Allahyarhamah Normah Binti Abdul Wahab.