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1st day volunteer. and It’s was awesome. I was responsible to became photorapher at RED CARPER section
oh yeah, red carpet huh, mean I had a chance to capture all VIP and celebrities picture 1st ^^
but the best part is, I was being duties by Audra(leader of volunteer) to capture all vip and celebrities came today.
wow, this is 1st time I need to strive for capturing VIP and celebrities picture..haha
Now I feel how hard to became news photographer. fighting with all other photographer..hhaha

I got the best photographer team..haha 🙂



camera line up ^^






i fount this picture on net. and it’s interesting ^^
yeah, dont smoke in front of me, or i will keep curse you all the time, and the time, the time ,and the time

I not going school today. I ‘drop’ the add math test. wanna know why? just fur fun ^^

today, received email from audone that im will confirm be the youth10 volunteer.
the worst is, need to come this thursday night..aaaa

received confirmation^^


nice quote

I’m the author of my life. Unfortunately I’m writing in pen and I can’t erase my mistakes


nothing much happen today
oh last friday, i ordered from shashinki a battery charger and battery holder
look like im gonna fanatics about speedlight more.
I brought Maha PowerEx Battery Holder 8 and 4 holder and Maha PowerEx C204W One Hour Worldwide Conditioning Charger.

total dagame worth RM 118. It’s cheap compared to other brand.
and i the main reason I spend my money to buy the charger because to replace my own charger that had
been serve for me almost 14 years…wow

so it’s time to buy new lah ^^


(battery holder)


the charger


battery holder also(for 4 pcs)