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summarize for a exam week

bm=not bad, ihad better skill to write essay after that^^

bi=didn’t expect that event i read at the pearl novel came up..haha


history=major question can be answer..yahaa^^

most of the major exam, I really-really forgot to do some ‘warm up’ revision.
and as result, i being blur when exam started and and
“omg, hope this paper gone fast^^^”

yesterday, i received email from youthasia, telling that I’m being accepted as one  of the volunteer at Youth’10
yay, i choose photographer and event role as my role. I hope I got either one 🙂

at school, i used to be ‘ real stalker; at school, when i saw a adorable girl,
awww, it make make to hopeful…haha
now, i’m admire one of my own foster friend. she sooooo cute..haha

p/s: relex ‘ammar, the time will come 🙂


im using wordpress for mobile btw.
ok, i almost hit by car just now. because the driver didnt gave signal to make a turn. haih. and this is 1st time i use my motorbike horn suitable at the time.haha.

ok,i just applied to become a volunteer at youth 10. hope that i being accepted. hee



who the hell are this? haha
this is how I look when I became ‘part-time’ photographer at school or..anyway.
I use to hold the big giant Dinosaur camera, but somehow, idk when ‘they’ took this picture 🙂

15-6/5,I attended the prefect seminar . it’s was awesome, thoroughly.  
I spend most of the time with my friend. yeah, spirit of friendshitship  lah sangat…

the important is, when something happen on sunday because of school matter, I ALWAYS took a MC
next monday, well, rest holiday^^




tgi friday^^
i will be away form saturday to sunday..haha, its too long to leave my beloved’d60’ away from me.
so I decided to bring her^^

but…just can unconfirm info that my head prefect didn’t join..
awesome, nk kena kutuk, boleh saje:)

I done 2 things today.
RMA the Belkin Surge Protector
and go to DCIM 2010(finally going there )


DSC_0094 DSC_0087 DSC_0088 DSC_0089 DSC_0090 DSC_0091 DSC_0092 DSC_0093

DSC_0097 DSC_0098 DSC_0101 DSC_0102 DSC_0095


that all picture i ‘remember’ to catch..haha

and i been lucky to be one one the tester(flagship nikon lens^^)


and on the way to RMA belkin 🙂



understand this? haha
this is what i had been ‘learnt’ for almost two,wait. one year and 4 month.
accountancy subject are suitable for those like ‘money’ very much, gold digger, cheapskate
and related kind of  people are good to learn this^^

ok,today my school suppose to have a teacher’s day activity(my nenek at school don’t want make teacher’s day to be celebrate all day)
but unfortunately, it’s rain …
but it’s ok, i can sleep 🙂 resting :):)

i will away from 15/5 to 16/5…because attending prefect seminar,of something like that..
or just attending some peaceful event out there^^haha