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I didn’t  update my blog since my trial examination started.
talk about trial exam, my schoolmate received a lot of ‘soalan bocor’
so do I. At first i tough it’s a joke, but suddenly, it came 100%,seriously…

And when the time’s up, i said to myself, “ FML lah wyeh –__- “


BM= received soalan bocor but ignore it….
BI=also received, and believe 100% amd came 100% WTHell…

how the HELL they know it…HAHA XD


oh, i just pre-order my phone battery, kinda weak already^^

should be received my tomorrow =D


*internet nk mati dh nie x_____x


oh before that


last sunday, well, hari raya kn? I went up to 4 house in 1 day.
from rawang to Selayang,to Sentul and finally taman melati..

aha, damn fun weyh..


air rebina? biasa je…air soya? baru ada kelas^^

oh bytheway, 1st day school..err, not bad lah..

fsx fatal error fix

on microsoft



Alright folks, I have the fix—after a whole year of fidgeting and spending $600 on every stinking version of windows out there-XP 32 bit. XP proffessional 64, vista HP32, vista HP 64, Win 7 32 & 64 RC, Win 7 32 enterprise and Win 7 64 bit professional (my primary FSX OS on which I did the succesful fix). As simple as it may sound this works. I tried replacing the Uiautomationcore.dll file and FSX would still crash albeit after a while. And if it wasn’t that dll file then it would be some other file like ntdll. So I tried completely deleting the uiautomationcore.dll file from both the syswow64 and system 32 folders. Now I am playing FSX with graphics and traffic settings set to custom and turned all the way up while  I have aircraft, scenery and weather settings turned to ultra high and no crashes for two days!!!! I can click in and out of any menu such as the MAP or virtual flight path or change aircraft mid-flight or change weather mid-flight with no crashing. I have tried every which way to get FSX to crash and I just cannot get it to!

FSX really is awesome when it works.

HERE IS THE FIX: You may have to take ownership of the files if windows stops you from deleting the file. Open CMD prompt and right click to run as administrator and then type in exactly as below substituting your windows login username where it says username:

takeown /f C:WindowsSystem32uiautomationcore.dll

cacls C:WindowsSystem32uiautomationcore.dll /G username:F

takeown /f C:WindowsSyswow64uiautomationcore.dll

cacls C:WindowsSyswow64uiautomationcore.dll /G username:F

Now you can just navigate to your syswow64 and system32 folders in windows explorer and after backing up the UIautomationcore.dll files just delete them from your computer. (Remember to delete the Uiatomationcore.dll file in ure FSX folder also if you installed it as the fix in other posts.)

If you have Nvidia cards download their latest driver also. Its got a huge performance increase. The only problem I have had by deleting the UIautomationcore.dll file is that if I exit FSX completely while in flight my windows desktop becomes dysfunctional and I have to restart. If I first end the flight and then exit FSX I have no problem. I have four different OS’s on seperate partitions on my computer built specifically for FSX. There is no point in playing FSX on any 32 bit version of windows because you will get more out of FS 2004 than FSX on a 32 bit system.

Now, since I have 12 gigs of RAM, dual 9800GT’s, intel core i7 920 running at stock (cuz MSI MB’s suck for OC), and three 22" monitors– instead of getting 10 FPS (on my 32 bit windows 7)I get 25 FPS on my 64 bit Windows 7 with two virtual cockpit windows on two monitors and all of my instruments on the 3rd monitor. BTW 6 GB (if you have tri-channel) or 8GB Ram (if you have dual channel) with a 64 bit OS is plenty-I just found my DDR3 RAM for dirt cheap at Microcenter a year ago. 4 GB is not enough as you will get OOM errors with settings even turned up halfway. No need to buy fancy graphics cards either because FSX is CPU intensive and doesn’t really do well on the newer graphics cards. The 9800GT’s are dirt cheap at like $70. Also definitely upgrade to the core i7.

Please get the word out to all of our fsx friends!!!

langkawi post ^^

14-16 September, a family vacation, i guees..haha

roughly i went to langkawi every year since 2008. aha, it’s still didn’t get bored ^^


travel with aeroplane are fun, but the security check at airport are not fun at all,
kena raba dgn security –__-


since I bring along my tripod, so ‘they’ consider my tripod as fragile item, haiyahhh


security seal


DSC_0032 DSC_0030 DSC_0031

above, a place to hunt rare chocolate that usually hard to find. Most of them are imported, and

the price are quite ok lah because of tax free 😉



chenang beach, where bitch meet the place ^^

I stayed at Langkapuri Hotel(or motel i guess) like a chalet concept

the price are acceptable, indeed cheap 🙂

and include breakfast


DSC_0290 DSC_0114 DSC_0131 DSC_0237 DSC_0238

the place I visited^^




custom check^^