Monthly Archives: November 2010


1st day of spm.
to be honest, I’m not ready yet.
but the day has come, go on je lah XD

BM paper 1 pretty okey, not to be actually. I made a wrong essay.
Reason? wrong choose the question.
but,nahhh…forget it, its over by the way
Paper 2 pretty easy that paper. why? because i have all the output. so it made easy, i hope so…

1 down, 7 more to go XD


My name is ‘Ammar Yusri. A living meat on this planet called ‘earth’
just like ordinary piece of meat, I wanted to be who I am. yeah. I want to be ME..haha
me me… I’m a normal human being who want everytings ramdomly across om my mind. Computer, camera processor,lens ,speedlite, RAM, Android, Blu-ray etc etc…

Being me is not easy as you say, not fun as you think and not boring as to see. haha

and me.. I like, yeah…you…aha, yess..YOU..
but sadly you ignore me,aww pity ‘Ammar Yusri. He wanted to be just like other. but don’t worry,he never cared about it…
treat him with IT thinggy,and he will fine 🙂

oh yeah, Im IT Freak, Shutter Bugs, computer geeko.blabla.. yeah. That who I am. A person who can co-operate with computer rather that human. He’s not robot or something mind-crazy, but he can understand the machine needed. Human are extremely complicated. You cannot relax your mind using Disk Defragment..haha
and you can’t cure your sickness using Spybot Search and Destroy or prevent illness using Firewall..wuahaha

oh yeah, that it for the crap post XD

and yeah, I want to be a Hero for my family. Not just hero, but Super Hero…wee~~