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oh, my last videp (holiday to Bukit Gambang Resort city) not yet produce nor edit or upload yet.

because? My Microsoft LifeChat LV-3000 already booking for the funeral procession..haha(or simply said, need to throw it away)
I need to find another headphone for my audiophile habit 🙂


audiophile=a type of person who fanatic with sound and other things that can produce sound(IMO lah)

takes a day to find my suitable headphone..and end with err..well malaysia brand.
I tried to compare with audio-techinica and sennheiser, but the price too pricey for my budget and the specification not soo okey
compared for what I pay of.

so i Found this 🙂

user posted image

meet ‘IVA 900 DJ headphones’ a unknown brand..haha.well this is the specification


Type : Dynamic Closed Type

Frequency : 5Hz ~ 30, 000 Hz

Sensitivity : 107dB ± 3dB (0dB = 1V/Pa)

Impedance : 64ohm ±15% (@1KHz)

Driver unit : 57 mm

Max. Output Power : 3500W

Cord Length : Approx. 4M ± 50 mm, Coiled Type

Output Connector : Ø3.5 Gold-plated stereo plug

Weight : Approx. 360g (excluding accessories)

shot description

IVA900 DJ Headphone
IVA 900 is a closed type stereo dynamic headphone designed for Dj’s, broadcaster, musicians and music lovers as well as any applications where no sound must leak from the headphone. It is highly appreciated by recording studios, live sound, TV sound and broadcast engineers.
IVA 900 utilizes a 57 mm dynamic driver and neodymium magnet for superior sound reproduction. Its soft and extremely comfortable ear pads offers long hours of completely natural listening experience while its soft-padded head band can be adjusted to fit any head size for easy-wearing listening. An ultra-flexible coiled cable at the left earpiece teminates to a mini plug. (5 mm dia.)(6.3 mm adaptor)


- High-performance drivers and low-mass diaphrams.

- Designed for music lovers and DJs

- 90 degree swivel ear caps for studio monitoring

– Foldable, flexible compact design

- Adjustable headband to fitany head size.

- Soft-padded headroom 

– Extremely comfortable and replace earpads.


blablabla..lets see how it perform…estimate arrive..

this thursday(30/12/10)