Monthly Archives: January 2011


Since I involving myself into online shopping, I need to use my own debit card in early age. My parent disallowed me to use their credit card Sad smile. that bad..a bad, bad things..

however, I just apply my second debit card(1st one nak cancel since it cost me)
this one, are free for life..yeah ^^


look like this,actully..Open-mouthed smile


and the parcel and ready to be sent(sunday and no pos service Sad smile)




yumyum Open-mouthed smile



no joke..hahaha


ok.after i went back from my college, i drop by myself to Jusco. I was demanding about Ice-cream, Open-mouthed smile


so i went to BR to buy some ice-cream..



well, this is take away version of BR ice-cream. Jusco don’t have my fav flavour, but the retail shop nearby got Open-mouthed smile…hee

the price are worth for what you had pay Winking smile