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just ordered this item a week ago, and estimated received by tomorrow.

U gonna change ur  cloth babeyyh

recently, there’s too many fella out there post about the “Bersih 2.0’ demonstration.
hmm…Bersih 2.0 ? why got version 2.0? are bersih are games? need patch…-.0
if the Bersih 2.0 are fail, the must have a greater version.
Bersih 2.1, Bersih final edition, Bersih limited edition…
Hang percaya~
hang bodo.

quote from someone


orang bodoh turun buat sarkis @ streets while educated people sit at home and sip tea. bodoh will forever be bodoh


21 June 2011, I tried to run computer with using casing, and guess what,
it’s fucking dangerous. A number of spark appear when I touch the motherboard
using test pen XD



a naked pc running Live linux

few hours later, I cleanup my Power supply XD


its actually an idiot idea because the outer casing already mention
”not serviceable part inside”
but I still want to open it..haiyoo
and wallah, no not at all after that Smile


networking testing..
how modem>router>pc…hmmm or how android phone>router>DLNA PC>DLNA software works..haha
DSCF1831 is and always messy workstation..





Congratulation to all h3ck3s, because of them..that above happen XD

We are legion
WE do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

so ,what having this??


TM unifail = unifi