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just ordered this item a week ago, and estimated received by tomorrow.

U gonna change ur  cloth babeyyh

recently, there’s too many fella out there post about the “Bersih 2.0’ demonstration.
hmm…Bersih 2.0 ? why got version 2.0? are bersih are games? need patch…-.0
if the Bersih 2.0 are fail, the must have a greater version.
Bersih 2.1, Bersih final edition, Bersih limited edition…
Hang percaya~
hang bodo.

quote from someone


orang bodoh turun buat sarkis @ streets while educated people sit at home and sip tea. bodoh will forever be bodoh


21 June 2011, I tried to run computer with using casing, and guess what,
it’s fucking dangerous. A number of spark appear when I touch the motherboard
using test pen XD



a naked pc running Live linux

few hours later, I cleanup my Power supply XD


its actually an idiot idea because the outer casing already mention
”not serviceable part inside”
but I still want to open it..haiyoo
and wallah, no not at all after that Smile


networking testing..
how modem>router>pc…hmmm or how android phone>router>DLNA PC>DLNA software works..haha
DSCF1831 is and always messy workstation..