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Gardenia Delicia Waffles

Recently, Gardenia launch their 1st ready to eat waffles..
normally we can only found waffles in Mall or shopping complex that sells waffles.

Since it’s launch, it’s a bit difficult to find these product. I went to all major store like Tesco, Jusco and Carefour, nahh…not yet restock.
For somehow, I manage to find it outside KL area.



This is how it look at. Consist of 2 waffles, price at Rm1.40. hmm.. good deal.


here what the waffles look like. for me, its too small…

The packaging suggest to eat waffles by baked up first. So i try it.



so,this what it look after baked it. I spread it with margarine and eat while hot….
Nice taste if you demand waffles sometimes xD