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It hAd been long time since I didn’t updated this blog.
In past two month ago, when my house being to renovate, all my workstation been moved to another place.
During the renovation, I forgot to move the damn telephone line. So it’s stuck on Living hall, where my workstation place are.

So I brought this Smile


tadaa.. the homeplug… how does it works? simple… It use any existing powerline(which is refer to your electric socket) into a large scale on LAN…


This is 1st homeplug, which is sit on near my router. This act like internet sender.
I choose the model that can AC-pass-through..
That LAN cable goes to my router.

This is the 2nd homeplug. It act like internet receiver.
This type of homeplug can do 2 things, act like LAN cable through powerline, and also as Wireless AP.
Hmmm… nice…

The speed or what can I say, Output efficiency are 90% from what it had advertise..
So.I will continue to testing this product Smile

Oh, it cost around MYR 90 for 1st and MYR 150 for 2nd.

essays on population

sohbet ezgisi

A collection of Greyson Chance Album in flac (Free Lossess Audio Code)
meaning the quality of song are far better that mp3 and almost same audio quality you found on Blu-ray

Okey, let summarize what happen this week

English- dead
Math- grave
Programming – Almost grave
Religious – mostly half life
IT – Yay!

and one more paper, electronics , also dead