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It hAd been long time since I didn’t updated this blog.
In past two month ago, when my house being to renovate, all my workstation been moved to another place.
During the renovation, I forgot to move the damn telephone line. So it’s stuck on Living hall, where my workstation place are.

So I brought this Smile


tadaa.. the homeplug… how does it works? simple… It use any existing powerline(which is refer to your electric socket) into a large scale on LAN…


This is 1st homeplug, which is sit on near my router. This act like internet sender.
I choose the model that can AC-pass-through..
That LAN cable goes to my router.

This is the 2nd homeplug. It act like internet receiver.
This type of homeplug can do 2 things, act like LAN cable through powerline, and also as Wireless AP.
Hmmm… nice…

The speed or what can I say, Output efficiency are 90% from what it had advertise..
So.I will continue to testing this product Smile

Oh, it cost around MYR 90 for 1st and MYR 150 for 2nd.



A collection of Greyson Chance Album in flac (Free Lossess Audio Code)
meaning the quality of song are far better that mp3 and almost same audio quality you found on Blu-ray

Okey, let summarize what happen this week

English- dead
Math- grave
Programming – Almost grave
Religious – mostly half life
IT – Yay!

and one more paper, electronics , also dead


The programming presentation. Today, I gonna present my programming presentation infront of my lab member.
Although my program are not running well, I relieved because there is no more programming class after this Open-mouthed smile,well at least for 2 month Smile.

here are the picture