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26/12/11 Journey to Omnomnom

A morning Breakfast doing Xmas


Instant noodle,err, FRIED instant noodle meggi with bloody egg
Then, went to KLCC to see how crowded it are…


centre of the KLCC…trolololo


and, Assam Laksa at KLCC, decent taste although cost me around RM 15++ T_T

On the next day, having a breakfast at somewhere in Damansara Utama

Shop it self…

Preparing a drink by their crew.

snapshot of the food..nyumnyum

and also went to KFC to grab some chicken feeling..haha


22/12/11 food-o posto

Have you wonder how the Dominos Pizza look like? Here;

Nah, just kidding, here are the REAL look.


Beef Pepperoni Pizza with what-so-call Cheese Burst Double Decker.

Another two flavour , BBQ Chicken and Extravaganza. Note the these above pizza are regular crust.
I personally prefer Dominos rather that Pizza Hut because of it services and also puffy-est of pizza itself.

On the other side, here are some picture of Secret Recipe menu.
Lamb Shank Stew

I love this one, Chicken Mon- der- what?  I forgot already. But inside the chicken got something nice filling cheese.

Chicken Masala…I also forgot the exact name.

And their cake, Brownies and Cheese…..forgot name.

All menu are in secret recipe are frozen,what what I know. They just heat up back, then serve to customer.
Yeah, it’s really PROFIT$$$

and let go to my Home.
My own receipt , Chicken Marinade with lot of herbs from iherb coupons.

Chicken before they meet their fate in oven.

My own Mushroom Sauce.

And the godding side, Baked Chicken With Mushroom Sauce Open-mouthed smile

19/12/11 HTC Incredible S modded to Sensation XL

Hi and hi.
As per title, my incredible s successfully modded to sesation xl firmware.With little help from XDA developers, audio on my handset..haha.


Based on Android 2.3.5(previously on 2.3.3)
With HTC Sense 3.5(previously HTC Sense 2.1)
Software Number Nik_IncredibleS_TriNiTy_SensationXL v 2.5



My brother already got his HTC sensation XE, which is quite fast my my incredible s. Somehow,he doesn’t like music much especially earplug-type-earphone, so I take it from him ;D.
Beats ibeats Earphone.

I dont know whether it is a marketing gimmick, but I can’t hear any difference when using iBeats with my Previously earphone, Philips.


*Greyson Chance song*

Overall, after I custom firmware my phone, it look like this earphone need somehow ‘beats enhancement application’, which is, WHAT? the earphone cant even stand by it self.
I tried using it on my Ipod Shuffle, pretty decent audio output –,-

*illustration purpose only xD *

7/12/11 B+W 67MM XS-PRO UV MRC-NANO (010M)

B+W 67MM XS-PRO UV MRC-NANO (010M) Review

Hi. This is my second purchase on camera accessories for this month. Spend almost RM 500.haih…
Okey,let;s we get through it.


Meet the new B+W XS-PRO UV MRC NANO filter. I own several B+W filter before this, and it’s really quality.









The front looking box.

Back looking box.

What includes
B+W item are not really rich in content. It just got lens filter,lens filter box and expensive look-like-box.
I also notice that the bottom of the boxes got something like serial number, or  maybe it’s just nothings Smile

I wonder what is the number doing here?

Filter with filter case.

The filter itself.

This filter are uses MRC coating, which is a special coating that B+W research over 10 years. I dont know whether it’s true,but MRC coating are sucks. I previously own B+W F-PRO mount, which is slightly bigger that XS-PRO, really difficult to clean. But in few month later, B+W release their new add-on coating features nano technology.
What I read from their website, help to clean dust and making cleaning the filter simpler that ever. Hm…maybe some sort of marketing gimmick?

B+W filter attach on Nikkor 18-108 F./3.5-5.6

Conclusion is, the filter are way better that my Hoya filter. The control of flare and hosting are really works, and thats why i love ipage hosting. This filter also slightly heavier that F-PRO and of course, hoya, making it’s look really quality Open-mouthed smile.

Oh, my lens pen…