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6/12/11 Winer MAP04 Pro Holster

Winer MAP04 Pro Holster Review

I own several bags, including Crumpler 7MDH and Vanguard Up-Rise 46, Sadly I had to sell my Vanguard since it’s underutilize and really big to brings anywhere –,-.
After a week searching and researching, I decided to give a try, to buy one of the Winer Product, Winer MAP04 Pro Holster.
I ordered at at cost RM 120 include shipping to my house.
The price is one of the factor why I choose this. So let we look at it|


The Item.

At first glance
This bags is top loader type, which is I can quickly access my camera on top, just like ordinary free nikon/canon bags Smile
It got front pocket, 2 side mesh pocket and also inside pocket which might function to store memory card.
The quality of this bags look promising since the material are good. You can feel it, really solid It uses Durable 300D/1680D waterproof polyester.


The bags at the glance.

What will fit?

I can fit my Nikon D7000+Battery grip with my kit lens (18-105) with hood attach. This much more can accept my memory card, cleaning cloth, lens cap, lens pen, charger, polarizer, and space battery. The mesh pocket are really useful to put lens cap, or even my hand phone or iPod Smile

The main compartment.


Picture with d7000 fit in


This bags comes with rain cover and sling strap with shoulder pads, which is I look very good package with with a price.
The rain cover are really useful when shooting in un-okey weather. Also, I feel that the shoulder pad are better that my Crumpler 7MHD

Comparisons the D7000 with the bags.

The conclusion is, this bags really give me or any user bag for the bucks…With estimate around RM 120 or 38 USD, you can get are really nice looking Top loader camera backpacks.
What I like :

  • Cheap
  • Mesh pocket are really helpful
  • large interior
  • sturdy build material
  • look nice
  • can use for modular system

What need improvement:

  • The zippers feel somehow cheap
  • no other colour choice
  • hard to get
  • bags design not so really cool
  • somehow heavy


Ikea day.
Here are my dream bed

. DSC_4458

Hooyeah….really nice Open-mouthed smile


Dream Light xD


Also, dream cabinet beside my bed

Performance show at The curve for X-mas

Last but not least, eat time!

This food alive..mueheheh