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18/1/12 STOP SOPA and PIPA

This might a tired week, since I just started my new semester. Although I’m tired, but for sake of internet freedom, I don’t mind to write this.

First for all, what the hell I’m talking about SOPA and PIPA thinggy?
Protect IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is one of the act that will impose if congress allow it to execute, the Internet Service Provider(ISP) will become Online Police that monitor all website that link to any website. The purpose this stupid act exist  is to stop illegal file sharing such as movies, music and any copyright thinggy.

WHY everyone not welcoming SOPA AND PIPA?
Beside doing internet censorship, it also force webmaster,blogger,ISP , service provider and you-name-it-service to not link any single website that may or may not contain illegal files. THEY FORCE US YOU FUCKING ASS HOLE…..

What we can do right now? US citizen are currently sigh a petition to show they dislike SOPA and PIPA.
Other famous website such wikipedia close their website for one day to show protest. hmm.. i Like they wikipedia do..haha

some scene that website are being ‘blackout’ for one day.



XDA forum. where android are talking here

site de rencontre pour gitane

O yeah…1st blog in january and 2012. Imma not disappear, just I don’t have much things to put into this blog.


Popeyes….awesome chicken,awesome than KFC


Really juicy chicken but not too oily that KFC…(:

Okey, just hook up my E-citie and new timetable already release..


Look like I got plenty of freetime ….or worst…tired scheduler