Monthly Archives: October 2012


My certificated has just arrived.

Airmail, from Los Angeles.

The certified are estimate arrived between 10th to 18th October 2012, but for some reason this cert arrive Malaysia less that 7 days =D.
Now I just wait for my ID card to be arrived. It already shipped on September 27th 2012.

View of the cert.

And yet finally ,My switch has arrived.

It’s Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series featuring 48 port . I brought this on ebay. Purpose? to implement DIY DHCP addressing. haha. Unfortunately, I cant configure this switch yet because I dont have the console cable or craft cable. –_-

So need to wait my console cable, which will arrived from China, in less that 25 days, from now .__.   


Last day of September,hee.

Decide to print this book. Despite I already pre-own the .dpf version, read from ‘real’ book still kicking that read on ipad.

Say hello to DiGi back. haha. Recently I switch to digi for my ipad because of the wasted unused quote that left when I using Celcom. I pay RM 60 for 3GB,but eventually I just used 300-400MB per month. So I switch to digi that cost me RM 30 per month with 600mb data allowance. (= seems a good deal, half of my money can be save or top up the data if desire. Also, I will not use ipad cellular in my campus, since they just upgrade their network to fibre




yum yum restaurant .

Mine, Pasta Carbonarra

And…the next morning, nasi ayam Hainan.nomnomnom

I just ordered some second hand item on ebay. hope that item will arrive safely (: