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i do my homework em portugues

Yesterday dinner, at That Little Gerai.

Very nice location, been here 2 times. But last night, I went during raining day. On top of the table, there’s a candle light. haha, feel light candle light dinner


Mushroom soup.forgot the exact name. Yup, home mande and not the canned soup. nom nom nom

Sirloin Steak, With BBQ sauce, hahaha. What makes this so special that this meat has been pre cut, so you can easily enjoy your mean without need to cut cut cut, wasted time cut cut cut –_-

Chicken Chop with Mushroom sauce (:


Been asked to try-out the new menu, the Chicken Parmesan. Sweet mother of lagsana topping and macaroni on below. wow, nom nom nom

The price consider medium expensive but still better that twilight, ehh, reasonable.


Going here? haha, set your GPS to 3.203044, 101.750272 and you ready to fill up your stomach. Just, dont forget to bring your wallet also xD


Gardening day.

I own several small fire chilli before this. Due to unknown reason, one of the plant dead from disease. Might from pest i guess. Here, I show how to plant Marigold plant from seed


Let the soil dried first as the Marigold seed doesn’t like wet soil

Here are the Marigold seed. Looks weird right.

I separate it into 3 .

Let see how the growing in this week

Meanwhile my breakfast


nom nom nom


Finally my item ordered from Great Britain has arrive. Took less than 2 week to appear at my door step.

I ordered on phone case as the design pretty unique and less expensive to Malaysia Smile

Custom declaration. Marks as gift. Bravo. no tax at all ^_^

Here are the cases. solid on corner yet hard at the backside.

total price around 5 pound equally RM 25

Philips SHP6000 review

This is my first product review. Expect something funny over here

Rich bass, superior comfort
That the Philips SHP6000 Hi-fi Headphones tagline. Its not a Philips flagship headphone, its just medium bass but really good on the price.

At A Glance

Box, ignore the pricetag (RM)

The box consider big enough for the headphone. It fit well and provide secure content inside. Sadly the box only content headphone itself and no manual or warranty information nor anything, just the headphone. The good thing is the headphone are well sealed with the white form (that usually seen on electronics item), consider good protection.

Here the the spec according to manufacture
• Acoustic system: Semi-open
• Magnet type: Neodymium
• Frequency response: 16-23,000 Hz
• Impedance:  32 ohm
• Maximum power input: 100 mW
• Sensitivity: 105 dB
• Speaker diameter: 40 mm

First impression


Question. Why did I pick this headphone?

Simple, because the price tag. At only RM 150 ( equally to USD 47) I get a very decent headphone that may suitable for my budget. Since there’s no review on it, I DARE challenge myself to buy and test it. I don’t know this true or not but some said that Philips has largest factory in China specially manufacture the audio/visual things. I didn’t expect only Rm 150 can give my a conform headphone, but surprisely   the material on these headphone are awesome for what you paid to. It has the some sort of Cushions that really makes your hearing conform for extended period.

Build design


Simple, amazing. Made from conform cushions and a really solid material. I really like the finishing for these product. But what I dislike is the finishing for the connector is only chrome-plated. Just like, the hell? the cut the cost on that things? well said, no 24k hold connector. This headphone also comes only in 3 metre wire. So it’s a bit long and messy if you use it for outdoor.


Sound Quality


Yet this is subjective part. My purpose to buy this headphone is for use it on my computer. However my pc fail to ‘drive’ this headphone although the impendence is only 32. But don’t be afraid, as this headphone able to drive low powered mp3 such mp3 player, iPad or psp, you should have any problem with it. So how does the sound perform on the handheld device? on my PSP, I turned the EQ to Unique and guess what, I can hear the balance of treble and bass but not so punchy. The treble are really noticeable but the bass are quite shy.. I suspect this headphone need Amplifier to perform well. However due to I just brought this headphone few days ago, this headphone might not yet ‘burn-in’ . On iPad, using Capriccio application (its one of the best FLAC player on iOS) the sound quality much cleaner and the bass are noticeable but still shy to perform. Since this headphone is not yet burn-in, I cant tell any final sound quality at this time (will edit later)

Final Word 


  • Cheap
  • a very good material finishing
  • conform for extended use
  • bass is noticeable
  • decent sound quality



  • Relatively hard to drive (although the impendence only at 32)
  • needs AMP to perform well
  • really long wire
  • not gold platted connector
  • doesn’t any manual or warranty info nor ANY PAPER INSIDE BOXES
  • bass are shy to perform without AMP


Lastly, I satisfied with my purchase as it consider cheap yet you get what you paid of.