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Once again, loooong way not updating my bloggie x)

Last year, our PM, introduce the BB1M ( bantuan buku 1 malaysia) where the gov will issue the voucher to IPTA/IPTS student to buy book and so on. Last year, since the voucher are distribute a bit late, I already purchase my necessary books. Instead wasting another else, I purchase the education aids such as stationary. I used all my voucher at Popular bookstore to buy pens, A4 paper ,Test pad, any necessary item and some novel for my sister and my mum. Yep, this BB1M are really helpful

As for this year , the gov increase the voucher value ( previously was RM 200) to RM 250. It’s such a good news. However, due to unknown reason, the gov already issue that the voucher can’t be use to buy other that book without book. Err, means that you need to buy a least 1 book to purchase another things beside book. Okay, that’s acceptable now.

In past week, I walked in into Popular Sunway to just, have a short survay what kind of book nor education aids that I need to buy after get The BB1M. Then , I asked on the staff , “ are this item can be purchase using BB1M?” Then the staff told that popular already implement the rule where 80% of the BB1M value need to spend to book and another at stationary. I just like, WTF?? okay, just walked away. Then, I search across twitter interaction , most people pissed off the the Popular rule. I just like, yeah, popular are digging their grave now.


I try to communicate with people who already encounter such an odd rule at popular.

Also they suggest to went to other place .

Other also already discover the place to use BB1M to buy stationary without need to buy book.


Been confirm that Popular and Kinokuniya use the 80% rules .

As there only 2 most recognise bookstore in Malaysia, I just facebook wall to wall with to clarified this matter.

Oh wow, look like not every famous bookstore follow the Popular step

Yes, even Times bookstore allow us to buy stationary without need to buy any book 1st.

As for the MPH, they set the priority into this

But some said, some mph allow to buy stationary, without needed to buy book Smile

Hope this will help