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3770k ocThe new OC profile with new motherboard.

Seems like Gigabyte offer better overclockability compare to my previous motherboard, Asus. My Asus went to rma, and I end up buy another mobo.
Its a basic motherboard GA-Z77P-D3. Really basic and offer Z77 chipset and with no other visual input, only HDMI exist there. The fun part is, this mobo offer COM port ^^

Talk later


I’m really lazy to update blog huh? hahaha, well need to brush up my blog skill back.

Tony Roma, nom nom nom. I treat this as my late birthday present to my mum’


This is starter. Combination prawn with green vegetable. Mixture with tartar sauce. nom nom

And the tony roma signature dish. Lamb ribs.. fuuu



Since it’s 31st, so I drop by to brought some packed ice-cream at BR31 (:

and as for today, I complete mandarin 2 Performance and also my so called client website