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Ahh, finally my MUET (Malaysian University English Test) is over. Now I’m free to proceed to do something.

Back on wednesday, I collected my MPO ticket. Hell yeah, 1st time to watch Philharmonic Orchestra, haha.

Ticket itself. Sadly, I watch it alone =(


Past 2 days before, an electrician came to my house for some sort of electrical fuse arrangement. Found that the previous electrician didn’t do the work properly. Luckily there’s not accident causes by the electric shock. (:


Its a second day Ramadhan,



Short review for HTC ONE and Nokia Lumia 720

So basically this’s how the both phone box look. The box getting slimmer and smaller. Cost reduction maybe?



HTC One BoxDSC_2131
Nokia Lumia 720 Box


Inside Lumia Box



Inside HTC ONE Box


What’s include?

  • Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Pin to remove sim card tray
  • some junk paper (manual and warranty card,for HTC)
  • Headphone(but HTC One include a bit fancy earbud earphone)

    As both phone running different OS, so I can personally judge then directly. Only noob will do.

    Both phone at the back

HTC One own by my mum whereby the Lumia are for me.

I migrate from HTC One V to this Lumia because of Windows Phone. This is the 1st time I using Windows after few year had been loyal to Android. Haha just wanna give a try.

Personally I like Windows Phone because of it’s base of language code. Windows Phone using less resources that Android. I will would give a shot of how my Lumia and Windows Phone perform in my daily life.

bai bai


Hello and welcome back

This is my upcoming shoe. I didn’t use it until Hari Raya 2013.

Newly brought at JPO. The reason why I go over there because , of course there had my size. Second price reduction. aha, it’s a bit hard to find my size at KL.

Puma Trinomic Trail Lo


I love the pink strip, however the while could get dirty easily .

And this is my 1st Puma shoe, so I a bit exited with it’s comfort, unlike my previous Adidas shoe. I also own Reekbok shoe, which really comfy compare to my 1st Adidas shoe that I brought at JPO. I wear the Reekbok for my class shoe.

Found this is the material made.

And I love the colour as well ^_^

Also I own this shoe. It was not my shoe eventually, but my bro give me as he got his new shoes. So the volunteering donate this shoe.
Considering this shoe as court shoe, its really comfy as is. When I wear it, my feet doesn’t feel painful even after hours. Really like it, and I forget the shoes name.

This is the shoes I talking about. I DO love it, but just it lack of comfy. My feet feel a bit pain if wear for extended period. However, this shoe is light and the colour are soo attractive, minus the dirt gets easily.


That’s all for shoe story today, haha.


Last day of June~

Went to JB, had a very short holiday there.

This vending machine, Nestle. Located at Pagor R&R

Inside my room, New York Hotel. Yeah I bring my lappy as well to stay connected. But the wifi are freaking slow. As my room higher that the cell tower, I only got EDGE coverage inside my room.


Senobong Seafood at Johor Bahru. Black paper crab, my fav


Small cupcake DSC_2097
Legoland Hotel is under construction

Convenient store at LegoLand. Plenty of food here.DSC_2102
Not related.

Went to JPo and brought this. The price slash to 50% and really comfort shoes


And my dinner along way back to KL