Monthly Archives: August 2013


This is my last week before I back to Orientation Committee program. I love to join this program because it make my life non-lifeless rather than my badge mate friend who sitting in front of computer and doing nothing (:

Anyway to sum up, this is my last semester before I go to Industrial Training. Also I will have a Final Year Project. I don’t whether I can make it or not. haha

Current registration subject.

And I dont know wtf ITD doing, all my payment, regardless me and my friend, still in pending.


If the invoice still pending when it come to registration semester day,  I will make sure the finance dept will regrets what they doing.You can follow up with this on unclebuck. Makan lemang banyak sangat ke hah?


Finally, migrate from old shared hosting to new VPS and domain registrar complete. It takes a round a week to complete.

As for now, I perform a stability test for my new server. I also just came back from OC camp, which is I don’t have any freetime. hahaha


Just a test pic

Also I will launch a new website for review and gallery. Stay tune