Monthly Archives: December 2013


My new obsession

ew stock for HDEO. Now I need to find the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid to complete the EO transition.

So this morning, I woke up and find my router cant be turned on. It must be hardware malfunction. So send it for RMA and brought a new router

WP_20131223_002 Mikrotik. Enterprise grade router, ehehe

s this router made specially for SOHO, so some features such as router, MPLS bla bla bla I didn’t use, as for now. But I really enjoy using this router. Soo complicated yet so fun xD


OMG, it friday the 13th xD

nahh.. rubbish.
Hobbit was great, but the ending are not so great. The story tale hanging just like that.
Yesterday job. Introducing, new engine oil for my motorcycle. ehehe.

This engine oil are specific design for diesel engine. But I read across internet that putting HDEO (stand for heavy duty engine oil) inside gasoline or maybe motorcycle engine, could give you a positive result. And yeah, really goodding.

I manage to get top speed faster that using ordinary EO. The change of gear also smooth and My motorcycle feel ‘light’, so I dont rely on full throttle to get top speed. (:


hola, amigos. gracias. well nobody care.

After a month sending request placement to MARA, I finally get replied from them told that I being accepted in their ITD starting on my internship date. So with deeply regret and hooray, I had to resign to Forest Interactive. byebye hutan.1479015_10201138033561003_1054002692_n
Instead replying email, they directly send me a snail me, which really impress me, ehehe.

Currently FYp progress  = 80% of completion.