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I slep early last night, due to mind tiredness. Haha. Sitting in front of computer is freaking tired okay.

Okay, lets straight to the point. Since i sleep early, I encounter a slightly strange dream. Its not very scary or creepy or strange, but it leave me a question. Why?
Okay here’s a dream.
I riding my motorcycle, at night and it was on city side. Suddenly my dream feels like stopped and I already on the roadside. I heard an ambulans siren and dream stopped(just like blank) then I feel being carried by ER team, to the ambulans. The ambulans quickly move. I realise that my hand has been needle in with water(just like normal patient), masked with oxygen support , but i can barely see staff inside. Maybe I was in critical condition. And again, blank.
I feel just like real since I feel the sleepiness in my dream. Then I woke up, and saw much of wound on my both hand and legs. But the day, I was discharge from hospital. All my family is here. Then I asked my mum, how do I accident, my mum didnt answer. But she said she waNted to call me because it already midnight. Then she said an Indonesian told that I was accident. Where? I also didnt know. And I asked how was my motocycle? My bro said the motor is fine, he took it after the accident. Then the dream is over…. Just like that, because i was woke up, before the alarm clock.

This morning i had been.thinking. what the earth my dream is all about? Its only a dream or maybe a message? Or just a reminder so that I would careful while riding?

Question remain unanswered…..hmm


Journey to Cameron Highland. Where Nature meets cars and pollution IMAG0005 DSC_4285

As usually, I will be the big boss, sitting back of the seat. DSC_4283

Stopping at Tanah Rata to get some food, lunch.



Chicken Rice

After that, went to Strawberry park, near federal territories of Kuala Lumpur guest house.

DSC_4290 DSC_4287 DSC_4288

Getting some strawberry waffle with vanilla ice cream.

Next, to Sungei Palas Tea plantation.

IMAG0008 IMAG0007

Spectacular view, yet too many people. And not so cheap to having tea here, hehe.


While everyone having a tea, I ordered Chocolate Ice, kinda delicious and good ding o


DSCF4887 DSCF4888


Picture above show my new Lenovo A369i. Keep in mind that lenovo release 2 version for this phone, ‘i’ and non ‘i’ , which I can conclude, ‘i’ means internationally use and non ‘i’ for local market (taiwan china)

So far the phone serve me well, just the screen are fking small. haha. Price around RM 250 or USD 80


bye bye HTC ONE m7 🙁
You need to changem change your vision. Change of sight. agaga

My HTC is one of the hp that suffer purple tint when using camera, especially during low light condition. Its hardware problem and need replacement.
With deep heart , I walk to the service centre and watching the hp check in into hospital 🙁


However, Im using Lenovo A369i as temporary hp, yay