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You never your life, living inside the box

bullshit… haha.
Been sitting at mara ITD for more that 8 week, and doesn’t produce any work nor product. ehehe. left only 43 days before I……… get out from here. YES xD

I completely transform into other person here. Since I didn’t place at technical section( whereby I at customer support section), I tried to act dont know, even I know hahaha. Working, or maybe training at so-called-gov office makes my life lifeless and lazy ass xDD.

Come before 8AM, punch in card, go for morning breakfast, enter office back 30 minutes after, lunch at 1PM, came at 2PM, afternoon prayer, then evening prayer and punch out at 5PM.
Repeat until I finish my internshit, opss intern-ship here.
The working environment are okay here, but the job I received is not up to my satisfaction :D.


Hello new baby of R9 270X. Byebye GTX560.
After being poison by own brother ( before this I only demand 7850, which lower that R9), so farewall my money, buhbye.



Unfortunately, since this is DirectCU version, the gc itself aren’t securely fit on the casing. The card are longer than I expected.

So I need a force to make it fit


Holy shit, it’s April month and yeah, 49 days remaining before I step out from internship….. shit.

Right now I just need to receive call from my supervisor and also my PC (program coordinator) regarding my netrider competition. yeah, cisco vroom vroom muterfuker. xD

My so-called-intern-schedule


Seriously, I bored doing this shit everyday. Log book