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Again, Zpanel crash unexpectedly and yet need to recover from scratch. After finding, searching and google ling, I decided to tryout another control panel for my vps, webmin+virtualmin.

Say hello to complicated, yet not so easy to manage control panel, but there’s a lot advance features on it.

The Webmin act as server root manager, while the virtualmin act as server panel manager. both of them are installed as part of the installation.


Configuration and testing are still on the way. 🙂











So my ext hdd replacement has been send. So here it’s:


Parcel are send my GDex, if you are in Malaysia Commercial invoice

And here’s how to package look a like. No retail package, just plain box and hdd it self
Tadaa, HDD and wire itself.

Also noted that the hdd are recertified, meaning its a repair or maybe replace product. Not totally new


Last Sunday, my external hard drive, brand Western Digital.

Let’s summarize my RMA experience

27/4 = Hard Disk are not working, immediately request RMA number
28/4 = Send Via PosLaju
29/4 = Check via Pos Laju, Parcel already arrive at RMA centre, still no update on WD system
30/4 = Check WD system. Parcel is in system and awaitng to ship the replacement to me
2/5 = until today, system is still showing same status. Call their hotline and tell my RMA number. The office promise to update with me. Within few hours, the officer email me that the Item are ship today. they gave me a tracking number
5/5 = Item are arrive, (as I away from home on 3/5)




Sadly, no one home during replacement is arrive 🙁