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IMAG0431 (Medium)
Let the rain over me ~

Its saturday class, yet its raining. Being a rider is so much fun, but it it is rain, minus the fun and add hassle. But dont worry, put the rain cover and you good to go hehe.

As summarize for this week, there’s 3 test and 1 presentation. All went horrible and shit. But let by gone, be by gone 🙂


Friend..Since Diploma and still counting.

IMAG0418Mali Char Kuey Tiaw. The price is increasing lately. So the portion is same but price is… not same.

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Paparich Goodness. There’s Penang FriedKuey Tiaw, Nasi Lemak Ayam and Cendol. Lots of nomnom

Stopping Starbucks for freebies hehe

IMAG0425a Today i bring my so-call-thermos to campus. Yes, full on SWAGness hehehe