Monthly Archives: December 2014


One paper down and 6 more to go, haiyahhh

The fundamentals English paper is not really fundamental. But it is more to mental test paper haha. Got 6 more paypaer and wallah, say hello to so-called-3-week holiday.
Technopreneur, cyber law, math, Islamic issue, system and networking and data comm paper.



This post should be on November, but as usually, I late to upload it.

This is the first time I went for watch acrobat show in my life. Got my free ticket from my bro via his so-called-contractor-give-to-him. This show called LumiAir, from Australia. and yes this show happen in Sunway Lagoon.

IMG-20141203-WA0006IMG-20141203-WA0005 IMG-20141203-WA0004Not bad for 90 min show. If there’s free ticket again, I would love to watch again hehe