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A very short trip to Ipoh. Oh maybe to celebrate my result that not so cool huh haha.

DSC_5630Driving along the road, PLUS

Nasi Vanggey is one of kind, famous dishes in Ipoh. Actually it’s a Nasi Kandar restaurant, with overrated rating haha. Nasi Vanggey on Foursquare

DSC_5643 read here\ My hotel. A 4/3 star hotel with service apartment attach. A very cool to stay since it’s near to riverfront and 7-Eleven, making you to buy a cup of maggi, easier.

DSC_5638g Hawker stall is near from our hotel, making your nom nom is fulfill easily DSC_5641
The so called Kinta RIverfront. Look like mini I-CIty

Next, I went dinner to local Teppanyaki restaurant. Its halal and cooked by muslim. So you wont feel double when eating. Nom nom. Price is good and delicious too

Master Yen Teppanyaki on FOursquare

.DSC_5698 DSC_5697
Hotel breakfast. Plenty of food and yet, I cant eat them all. 🙁


And last one, RIver cruise 😀






Indeed, today is the result day haha. All pass with flying color, not even single regret in there. Alhamdullilah. =D



And yes MARA, please continue to credit my allowance into my bank account hehe


This is first time I purchase through Lelong website. Before this, I browse on the lelong and directly deal with the seller without using Lelong payment system (NeTSpay)

After several.. not several, many times purchase using eBay, the process are same. And quicker.

I found my battery for my battery at Lelong a Lot cheaper compare to Lowyat/Imbi mall and lowyat forum. So I try my luck here.

So here are the battery arrive at my home and the original battery (on top of it) I purchase the REPLACEMENT battery so the original battery can safety hibernate on the box

Quality wise, looks identical except the sticker told the battery infos and price of course

Side by side comparison.

I am still testing the battery for days or 2, to ensure that the battery receive proper charge/discharge before using it on daily basic 😀


Cycling during KL free car day

IMAG0553 IMAG0554 Yep, It is monthly event on KL, where no car is on the road from 6-10AM. All cyclist, runner, swag yolo and wempits are welcome.

Just dont forget the Tangling Nasi Lemak after exercise nmom nom

And as for today, Can I haz sit here? said cat


1st week of semester break is over and yet, I still find out whether my holiday is so productive or not.
Most of the task that I wanted to do is completed, such as changing aircond filter, mop both floor of houses and sleeping in middle of day.

And yea, I just opened a BSN saving account, yes another saving account just for sake to get the new Visa Paywave card. Actually I can walk in to Maybank and convert my existing card to debit with Paywave. Unfortunately, the maybank debit didn’t have no no credit option or any cash back features and ugly.
RM 50 and yeah, I got 5 in 1 function card. ATM,Debit,Paywave,Touch n Go, PlusMile and Bcard.
I impress with BSN initiative to merge into single card. But the Paywave with touch n go, with both using rfid? Might not a good choice, but hey… They already do a case study before me.

I never use the Paywave function but I will one day, to see whether it convenient or nahh…

And that’s the 1st week of semester break happen 😀