Monthly Archives: January 2015


aha. byebye semester one and hello short semester holiday. I begin my 1st day holiday with sleeping and travel to Selayang, to pass on my cousin laptop.

Wireless new antenna.

Last day KFC breakfast on last payper

mmmm, shrimp…

Laptop send for repair.

Oh about the laptop timeline story;
-laptop full of dusk
-virus entered and force to 100% cpu load
-overhead and graphic blew up
-no display, need to change graphic cheap.
-within 3 hour, tadaa, new cheap and laptop is good condition
-hand over RM 250 and wallah.. get back laptop. XD


Just finish my C programming paper. What did I expected to come up? None of them appear on the exam paper. Screw paper, screw…


Oh yea, during study week, I purchase this kind of label machine. Since I’m network student and require to label all kind of cable, so this this come in handy

Price? RM 119 or 35 USD, Purchase on Aeon Maluri. This label (Dymo) include 2 set of shapie¬†pen which I don’t know when I will use it.

The things and free item (lighter not included, as well as the laptop)

Part of the manual


wow, 15 already. such a 15, much year, wow.

IMAG0535 (Medium)

A collection of Bluetooth headset. Its during 2010-2012 where bluetooth are swag and phenomena. I found this bluetooth back on last year (which on december 2014,consider as last year lol) buried in the old bags haha. I tried to charge it up and its works hehe.


Might use it back as it’s look importance now.