Monthly Archives: February 2015


Its been a while. Week 2 in new semester, and I can feel the heat of degree, haha.

So far no assignment is receive. New friend is increasing and I can expend my networking hehe

IMAG0589 (Medium)
Updating SSD firmware. Finally an update.

IMAG0590 (Medium)
A newly repair vending machine at UniKL.
First for all, I love venting machine, especially the drink vending machine. Insert a note (only rm 1) select a desire drink, adjust the settings( no ice, extra suger, less sweet) and wallah, your drink is in making.
Although some people are not prefer to purchase a drink on the vending machine ( due to hygenic) but hey, its depend on your luck as well.


Read Full Article Full Articleelicious food at Bangsar south.
Chocolate and marshmallow cake and Darth Ice chocolate. Simply amazing.



Yay first post for February.

New semester suppose to open at monday, but since there’s public holiday, the holiday is extended. haha.

As usual, week 1 it the add drop week. So the attendance is not taken yet. I manage to change my timetable ( changing group actually) more than 3 times. So every new timetable is release, I change it to suite my schedule.


Keep calm and eat BR31 cake…

Hady and Ziomim. shopping.

That face Asilah, during grabbing some chili paddy burger.