Monthly Archives: April 2015


Today is the mark of week 11, where there is 3 week left for final exam and tadaa, free for 3 month, eating sleeping.

The hypothesis is simple, the fewer lesson week = the more assignment/test/quiz/assessment you received. I currently waiting for another… 5 assessment to be done in 3 week before final start. yeah, Lectures always give a pressure during final week semester.

Whole leg chicken at Great Eastern Mall. Cossist of mashed potate and coleslaw.

life as a #swag #yolo

Alliance Bank is the first bank,which send me a monthly statement. I own the hybrid account, where saving and current account is combine and together with 1% cash rebate debit card. What a life. As for Public Bank, is the back that send a monthly statement to all debt card holder, with no extra charge *thumb up*



Hello April. Summerize my birthday present hehe.

Some of the item are funded by myself, where else some of them are gift xD



This bag are gift from my mother xD
This CDI ( for motorcycle use) are gift from my 1st bro

Self gift from myself to self ,hahaha. An UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
And lastly, a combine gift from my 2nd bro and myself, Nestle Krups Dolce Gusto Machine, a express coffee machine


Happy Birthday to me xD

Went to Souled Out Ampang and tadaa, carbonara fettuccine. A creamy, milky texture. nom nom


Chocolate milkshake, with Haagen Dazs Ice cream. Chocolate flavor.

Freegift, hahaha. Picture from them