Monthly Archives: June 2015


First Ramadhan activity.

Change my server OS, from OpenMediaVault to Freenas. It’s not really hard but it’s just messy job. I almost accidentally lost my RAID array. Luckily ASEUS Partition Master software did a very good job. it however manage to retrieve my lost partition.

Photo 6-18-15, 12 32 25 PM
During installation

Photo 6-18-15, 2 19 28 PM
During data backup

Photo 6-20-15, 7 04 10 PM
Hmm.. I iz meow


Food from my previous dad’s birthday

Photo 6-14-15, 8 27 15 PM
Tony Roma steak, mmmm

Photo 6-15-15, 11 10 28 AM
Updating my SSD firmware. No noticeable performance has been seen. The Samsung Magician was unable to detect the new firmware. So I need to perform update manually and tadaa. new firmware.

Photo 6-16-15, 2 17 26 PM
My so-called-new RMA external hard disc from WDC is arrived. Thank you Telepan. The previous external was encounter connection problem so I request to change to better one. Same model, just different serial number xD

Photo 6-17-15, 12 28 41 AM
Last but not least, burger cili padi (bird chilly) for supper haha