Monthly Archives: January 2016



Its doesn’t matter what grade do you get, it doesn’t prove your intelligent. But as for me, as long you didn’t failed it, you nailed it xD
The Engineering Math was hard as fark and manage to cope with it with the power of last minutes study.
Data structure also manage to destroy my GPA however it failed haha.
As for other especially CCNP1 and HSBB, contribute a lot to my GPA hence I love that subject 😀

mmmm delicious food ahh I forgot the restaurant name

Beautiful shrimp, serve during appetizer at Tony Roma

Rib as usually

And also dont forget the beautiful Maggi Goreng and a glass of pulled Nescafe


The so called first post on January 2016. What a lovely semester break.
As usually, on January, all the server and domain is expiring together. WIth the MYR crashing, my annual spending maintain this website increase to MYR 150 or equal to USD 43 dollar after convert.

So what should I do? I move my domain provider( not server ) to new one. Give me 1 year free so total amount I pay is equal to two year. Well that’s a good deal actually.

So goodbye namecheap, and hello name.