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So last week I purchase an Air Purifier from Gemfive. Actually it is my 1st purchase from Gemfive and tadaa, its reliable.

It cost RM 280 after 30% voucher applied. So far the cheapest I found on the net. The main reason I purchase is I stay at my room most of the time and there are construction site behind my room. So i guess its time to own this huh.

The box itself. Weight around 4KG

The device and manual itself

One thing for sure is the air purifier uses HEPA filter (High-efficiency particulate arrestance) and claim to capture 99.97 dust. So might useful if Malaysia is in Haze mode. Oh got haze mode as well.

So where did I put this device? nearby windows so that all unclear air came from windows is purified (i guess). It comes with so-called Plusmacluster, where negative ion is eating virus yada yada.

On saturday night, Went to Murni alam suria

The creamy teh tarik awww

I totally forget my dish name, but its delicious. Its like aglio olio with loaded of beaf and beef strip


And rainbow dash say Hi

Its result day, and guess what, NAILED IT. Alhamdullilah I pass with high flying colour. Suppose the result expected to release tomorrow but somehow the senate meeting early or the academic guy cant handle question from student ” when result will be release? ” “are you guys keep our result till death?”

Yes, still have two more semester before graduate and I still waiting for my RAE result, which I not sure whether I can pass or not.


Not so productive Ramadhan so far. I only manage to root my phone and re-format my lappy to Windows 10. Well perhaps it’s good enough. Also today is room cleaning day.
The provisional results already out but I dont want to talk about it now.

I also manage to order an air purifier from Gemfive. The original price is somewhat RM 550 and Gemfive offer is RM 280, of course when discount voucher is used. Cant beat Lazada price worth RM 360

20160614_230544 (Large)
The starbucks promotion. Reload/purchase RM50 and get a new design card for free with promotion voucher together. I grab it since my previous card already torn out.

20160614_230804 (Large)
This is how I place my newly brought soundbar. Looking good so far and I should buy earlier than before.



On last tuesday, I discover that I could claim a free router upgrade from TM since Im using the 50 MBPS and still under contract. So I browse the lowyat forum and asked their opinion on how to get free router upgrade.

Turn out that most of the 50mb user get their router update once the TM confirm;
1.still under contract
2.under contract and less than 1 year within contract
3.the current router is malfunction

So I met all the criteria. So what did I do is, call 100, asked to connect to technical department and mention the current router is unstable (although I’m suing Mikrotik as router)

The process goes smooth and technician call ┬áme to set appointment. He also mention that once upgrade to 50mb, need to change to ‘better’ router and the Dlink dir615 router are crap.
If you own a router and still wanna free router upgrade, make sure you meet the criteria and tell that you borrow friend router and they will change it as long under criteria.

Let say if your contract is finished and you dont have any plan to change your ISP, why not continue the contract xD

New router during testing. Its DLINK DIR 850L

router sitting on ONT

nahhh its not set to router mode actually. Just set to AP(since it have so-called-AC-mode) and my mikrotik still serve me


Last saturday, I managed to purchase the soundbar. Its actually a birthday present. Its a Sony HT-CT380. Mid range budget soundbar from sony. As this soundbar operate less than 80 hours, I cantmade a review about it. But there’s small hiccup. Since I pair it with computer, for somehow the graphic card or motherboard wont let the pc to boot if the soundbar is turn on. Maybe the power output is higher than pc or the resolution is out of range by default (since I wanted to tryout the HDMI in and out).
But the problem already solve when I using the build-in HDMI to carry sound. Hmmm it very interesting since I use dedicated HDMI cable to carry on sound and another HDMI cable to carry video signal.
Also since the soundbar is directly connected to motherboard HDMI, my pc recognize it as part of audio/video input output, where it can output sound and video at the same time. And the favorite part is it detect the Dolby and DTS on sound card (thanks to intel internal graphic)

Well it worth it