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Another shopping at Lazada.

I utilize last minute Merdeka deal and voucher  to purchase and restock my ink supply. Retail price for total ink up to RM 200. I manage to hunt combo and single pack ink less than retail which cost around RM 140. And with voucher applied, I finally pay for RM 108.40 for all ink

Photo 02-09-2016, 12 34 41 PM
The ink send by Lazada merchant. Overall the black packaging are most secure packing ever

Photo 02-09-2016, 1 09 20 PM
Total ink purchase = 4

Photo 02-09-2016, 6 07 22 PM
Current ink stock at house. I rarely purchase ink on retail store due to price

Photo 02-09-2016, 6 07 37 PM
And last parcel from China. Its is replacement wire for my casing. My power button is no longer work and I need to order a replacement button and plug in on my casing. So now My power button is externally wired


I’m back. Well at least this is the best mid semester holiday ever.
So have you guys remember Lazada RM1 deal patnership with maxis? Well with bit of luck and determination, I manaage to secure PS4 at RM1. yessss ONE RINGGIT

The original advertising

Photo 01-09-2016, 10 10 54 AM
The Original packaging. I had to selfcollect to Skynet branch since I was so excited and skynet as usual deliver product slower than you think

Photo 01-09-2016, 10 12 37 AM
Tadaa, the box itself

Photo 02-09-2016, 7 15 20 PM
The tax invoice itself. Shows that discount amount and total pay

Photo 01-09-2016, 10 30 07 AM
PS4 in action.

Right now I dont have any games as I need to hunt some at shop or maybe purchase through psn or lazada or second hand hehe