Monthly Archives: March 2017


HeyWeek 4 and my fyp progress still on 0.3 percent. Well I had to reinstall the VM due to changes of physical PC. Before this I deploy on the non Virtualization pc and now I deploy on modern, capable virtualization consist of Intel Core i5 4670 non-K pair with H87 chipset and 8gb ram. Also with 1TB hdd with 128 SSD, maybe with caching solution.

Why extend my PS4 warranty? yep, because of RM1 deal, I invest a bit by extending the original warranty. Cost less than MYR 70 so why not 😀

Also I upgrade  purchase a new external hard disk as WD has serve me since 2014 ( actually since 2012, as I RMA for two times). New brand, bigger capacity and match color with my lappy 😀