Monthly Archives: April 2020


Hello and Howdy.

Again, my blog has been destroyed by cheapo VPS who run away after I renew and wont let me to backup my blog. And I just found out that my blog has local archive dated sept 2017, which daaa, I already old dude

To be summaries on what happen on this 3 years;

  • My 3rd job which located at Bukil Jalil
  • Married and now stay 30KM from family (sob sob)
  • Stuck in Movement Control Order (MCO)

To be precise, its already fasting month and MCO during fasting month is not really good.

Okay back to photo food blogger

Milo concentrate

To be honest, it cost MYR 12 and taste like normal (if you follow the guide how to mix it). Supposedly need 2 liter of water, but I just added only 1 and 1/4 liter water into this 1 liter concertrate, and it taste amazing. Taste like milo lorry (that give sample to us)

Golden Salted Egg Peyek, hmm nice thing to crunch after moreh or movie time

Okay, my cousin, Nurin sold this and cost MYR 15. To be honest, this peyek is goodding. You can eat virtually with any food, at any time expect before sleep. For those interested, can purchase at