The the item. Philips SHE-9701 Earphone


This earphone are specially design for Ipod. Why I choose Philips instead of other brand?
Because Plilips is one of the large company in China that manufacture audio product. They got their 
own factory,not like other that manufacture by other.


This is ear-plug type. Advantage? 100% sound produce by earphone are send through ear canal.
Meaning, you will hear what earphone sing xD
Disadvantage? You will not hear anything from outside and chances that you will deal are higher..hmmm



The package include the earphone itself, carry pouch and 3 size ear but.



I will try out this product for 2 week to see the result since this earphone are not yet burn-in.
Anyway,the sound produce for 1st time are not disappoint me through. It fair what you pay Winking smile

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