7/12/11 B+W 67MM XS-PRO UV MRC-NANO (010M)

B+W 67MM XS-PRO UV MRC-NANO (010M) Review

Hi. This is my second purchase on camera accessories for this month. Spend almost RM 500.haih…
Okey,let;s we get through it.


Meet the new B+W XS-PRO UV MRC NANO filter. I own several B+W filter before this, and it’s really quality.









The front looking box.

Back looking box.

What includes
B+W item are not really rich in content. It just got lens filter,lens filter box and expensive look-like-box.
I also notice that the bottom of the boxes got something like serial number, or  maybe it’s just nothings Smile

I wonder what is the number doing here?

Filter with filter case.

The filter itself.

This filter are uses MRC coating, which is a special coating that B+W research over 10 years. I dont know whether it’s true,but MRC coating are sucks. I previously own B+W F-PRO mount, which is slightly bigger that XS-PRO, really difficult to clean. But in few month later, B+W release their new add-on coating features nano technology.
What I read from their website, help to clean dust and making cleaning the filter simpler that ever. Hm…maybe some sort of marketing gimmick?

read here
B+W filter attach on Nikkor 18-108 F./3.5-5.6

Conclusion is, the filter are way better that my Hoya filter. The control of flare and hosting are really works, and thats why i love https://www.wellnessparkpharm.com/. This filter also slightly heavier that F-PRO and of course, hoya, making it’s look really quality Open-mouthed smile.

Oh, my lens pen…

rencontre homme a cannesDSC_4509

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