19/12/11 HTC Incredible S modded to Sensation XL

Hi and hi.
As per title, my incredible s successfully modded to sesation xl firmware.With little help from XDA developers, yeah..beats audio on my handset..haha.


Based on Android 2.3.5(previously on 2.3.3)
With HTC Sense 3.5(previously HTC Sense 2.1)
Software Number Nik_IncredibleS_TriNiTy_SensationXL v 2.5



My brother already got his HTC sensation XE, which is quite fast my my incredible s. Somehow,he doesn’t like music much especially earplug-type-earphone, so I take it from him ;D.
Beats ibeats Earphone.

I dont know whether it is a marketing gimmick, but I can’t hear any difference when using iBeats with my Previously earphone, Philips.


*Greyson Chance song*

Overall, after I custom firmware my phone, it look like this earphone need somehow ‘beats enhancement application’, which is, WHAT? the earphone cant even stand by it self.
I tried using it on my Ipod Shuffle, pretty decent audio output –,-

*illustration purpose only xD *

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