22/12/11 food-o posto

Have you wonder how the Dominos Pizza look like? Here;

Nah, just kidding, here are the REAL look.


Beef Pepperoni Pizza with what-so-call Cheese Burst Double Decker.

Another two flavour , BBQ Chicken and Extravaganza. Note the these above pizza are regular crust.
I personally prefer Dominos rather that Pizza Hut because of it services and also puffy-est of pizza itself.

On the other side, here are some picture of Secret Recipe menu.
Lamb Shank Stew

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I love this one, Chicken Mon- der- what?  I forgot already. But inside the chicken got something nice filling cheese.

Chicken Masala…I also forgot the exact name.

And their cake, Brownies and Cheese…..forgot name.

All menu are in secret recipe are frozen,what what I know. They just heat up back, then serve to customer.
Yeah, it’s really PROFIT$$$

and let go to my Home.
My own receipt , Chicken Marinade with lot of herbs from iherb coupons.

Chicken before they meet their fate in oven.

My own Mushroom Sauce.

And the godding side, Baked Chicken With Mushroom Sauce Open-mouthed smile

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