Long time not blogging.

Now My camera has recover from her illness. The battery PCB board some kind of problem, so they already replace it with the new one, one she in good condition (:

Here is My Unifi set up


FTU- Fibre Termination Unit
OTU- Optic Termination Unit
RG – Resident Gateway
DP – Dect Phone
HP – HomePlug
PC – PC lah weyh…

so that how mu Unifi setup on my house. Currently me and my second bro the only got access to physical LAN access. Other my using Wi-fi and HomePlug
I’m not using my STB because it will disturb the connection speed. However, if I manage to upgrade the inter to 20 Mbps, the I will consider it back.




DP and RG

Both Homeplug

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